Ready to reduce your square footage? Look at these possibilities


Wondering why you’re paying for space you don’t use? It might be time to downsize.


Whether it’s because your kids have all finally left the nest or you’re looking to spend less time maintaining your large home and yard, there are plenty of reasons why you might decide to downsize.


Saving time, money and energy are three of the top rationales for moving to something a bit smaller. But figuring out a housing option for your own situation will take some research. To help you start thinking about what might work best for you, here are a few pros and cons about townhouses, condos and patio homes. And, needless to say, for specific options within the Comox Valley, just ask!



Townhouse living – is it for you?

When buying a townhome, you’re paying to own the unit and you also have a percentage ownership of common area.  Typically, though, they are two or sometimes three levels and have shared common walls on either side with other units.


Some of the best things about living in a townhouse are that purchase prices are less than what you’d pay for a comparable amount of square footage in a detached home. Additionally, you share the maintenance cost of common areas, such as lawns, gardens, playgrounds and picnic areas with work usually contracted to outside firms specializing in grounds maintenance. No more weeding and pruning! You also can get extra amenities, such as guest suite or meeting rooms.


But for some people, the thought of sharing walls with another unit is a concern. Parking may be assigned somewhere else on the property. And often, there is just a small outdoor space.



Condominiums – a good fit for many

Like an apartment, condos can have other units above, below or to either side of you. You legally own your individual unit, as well as a proportional ownership share of any common areas. 


The pros and cons are like those of the townhouse, but because there are also people above and below the noise factor can be greater. Security tends to be greatest in a condo with less accessibility for strangers. And, typically, you have more neighbours or people within your strata corporation.



Patio homes – what exactly are they?

Patio homes are much like townhomes – usually one level, and may or may not share common walls with other units. Constructed much like free-standing homes, patio homes are usually very close together or connected in a limited manner. Parking is generally part of the unit. As with the other two housing options mentioned, ownership comes with a percentage share ownership of the development’s common areas.


Obviously, noise is less and privacy is greater than with condos, as is reflected by their price. Typically, there are more options for adult-oriented patio home developments than there are for condos and townhouses. 


One other thing . . .

With all these options, there are strata fees and regulations. Residents are often expected to take part in the strata council as board members, secretaries or accountants. Usually, there won't be any compensation for your contributions, and these associations can become a source of concern if disputes arise, such as over exterior appearances of your home.



Having been a Comox Valley Realtor for 25 years, as well as being a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES), I am very knowledgeable about what the Comox Valley has for folks looking to downsize. I’d love to be able to help you find a home that works for you.


For more information on any part of living in and moving to the Comox Valley, please contact me, visit my website or go to my Facebook page.


And before you list your home, have a look at my free Seller Guidebook!


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A recap of my Seniors Real Estate article series


Moving to the Comox Valley is a great idea – especially if you're 55-plus!


And, like any great idea, there are plenty of good questions to be answered, too. That’s why I recently wrote a series of articles all about moving to the Comox Valley as an older adult.


As a designated Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) and long-time Comox Valley Realtor, I have a good handle both on the local market and all that’s involved in making a move later in life.


Following are some of the topics covered as well as links to my retirement series blogs.


Comox Valley housing market for those 55-plus

As noted in my article about local retirement housing options, the Comox Valley has something for every situation. Whether you already live in the Valley or are entering the Vancouver Island real estate market for the first time, I can help you find what you want.


I discuss adult-living communities, townhouses, patio homes and care facilities in Comox, Cumberland and Courtenay. So, if you or friends or family are interested in knowing what’s out there, read the blog, then contact me directly and just ask!

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Recreation and activity resources for Comox Valley retirees

If this blog about local recreation and leisure options doesn’t get you excited about moving to the Comox Valley, nothing will!


Clubs and hobby groups, recreation and volunteering are part of what make the retirement years great, so make sure to check out the myriad options awaiting you here!

Read article.


Comox Valley health resources for Seniors

My May blog, Keeping healthy: Comox Valley health services and resources for retirees, covers a range of topics. With information on the new hospital, contacts for Island Health and suggestions on finding a local physician, you will want to make this article a “favourite.”

Read article.



I encourage you to browse more articles on my blog to find out more about all that the Comox Valley offers and learn more about the Comox Valley real estate market. Questions about the local area and Comox Valley real estate? Get in touch with me through my website or my Facebook page.


Oh, and if you’re thinking about selling, don’t forget to download my free Seller Guidebook!

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A round-up of cultural activities, festivals, recreation and more

Some people look forward to summer because it means a chance to get away. In the Comox Valley, we look forward to summer because it means a chance to stay put!!


There is so much fun stuff happening in this spectacular part of Vancouver Island, why would you want to go anywhere else?!


Ready to make some Comox Valley summer plans? Let’s get started!


Festival fun for everyone in Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland!

Where to begin? Well, Vancouver Island MusicFest is always a good jumping off point. This three-day music festival has been attracting awesome bands from around the world for two decades. This year’s dates are July 14-16 and headliners include Bruce Cockburn and Emmylou Harris. From Bluegrass to reggae, indie rock and country blues, there atmosphere is always electric and often eclectic.


The Filberg Festival and Comox Nautical Days share the stage in the Town of Comox on the August long weekend. The internationally recognized Filberg Festival offers arts and music in a beautiful sea-side setting, while Nautical Days features vendors, performers and family fun down at the Comox Harbour.


Cumberland’s Atmosphere Gathering is promoted as an intimate West Coast gathering of live and electronic music during which musical mastery, mind tingling workshops take place upon a beautiful landscape sprinkled heavily with art and splendour. Not to mention the culinary and market-type vendors.


Oh, and don’t forget about the BC Shellfish and Seafood Festival, held for 10 days in the middle of June. Plenty of good eats to be had there!


Summer recreation in the Comox Valley

As residents know, there are always abundant recreational opportunities throughout the year in the Comox Valley. Summertime fun means getting back in the water, be it in a kayak, on a kite-board, stand-up paddleboard, windsurfer, canoe or just floating around on your back amongst the gentle waves. 


Away from the water, the long days and great weather lend themselves to numerous activities throughout the valley, such as walking and hiking, golf and biking, disc golf, tennis and so much more.


If you are looking for something to do in the summer as part of a team, the Comox Valley Sports and Social Club has many options. Slo-pitch, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, dodge ball and soccer are just some of the leagues available. The Club offers adults a variety of recreational sports leagues, tournaments and social events that get people out of the house and having fun. Fielding more than 300 teams a year, they give weekend warriors, weekday workers and college students a chance to play a wide range of great sports.

For the kids, Comox Recreation and Courtenay Recreation have a wide range of summer camps and other fun for children of all ages.


Arts, culture and things to do in the Comox Valley this summer

Summer is a great time to check out some of the local galleries and museums that highlight the culture and heritage of our area. And what better time to enjoy some of the local charters and tours that range from fishing and wildlife tours to biking around local farms and enjoying various culinary treats and libations.


Speaking of food, the award-winning Comox Valley Farmers’ Market runs on Saturdays and Wednesdays through the summer so take advantage of that. Don’t forget to go down to Comox Pier and buy fresh seafood straight from the fishing boats. And be sure to visit the longhouse, have some salmon and bannock and take part in the celebrations with the K’omoks First Nation on National Aboriginal Day (June 21).



If you're looking for more information on the Comox Valley or its real estate, please feel free to contact me, have a look at my website or visit my Facebook page.


And if you’re thinking of selling, don't forget to download my free Seller Guidebook!

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