SRES® designation stands for expertise and experience

As we get older our needs change. If you look for someone who specializes in later-in-life clients for your health, physical or financial needs, why wouldn’t you do the same when looking for someone to help with your housing needs?


Are you 55+ and thinking of buying or selling? Consider working with a designated Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®).


An SRES® agent has had specialized training to help you every step of the way, from financing to marketing to understanding emotions involved in making certain life changes. As an SRES® Realtor®, I have both the expertise and experience to help with every aspect of your move.


How an SRES® agent differs from a regular agent

While all agents work for their client, those with the SRES designation have specific training in working with seniors and dealing with senior issues in a compassionate, understanding way. You can expect a no-pressure approach and we will take the necessary time to explain the process step by step. As an SRES® agent, I understand there is often an emotional toll when selling a home and will do my utmost to minimize stress and alleviate any anxiety.


Additionally, SRES® agents are knowledgeable about local senior housing options and services. In fact, I have a good network of other senior-focused professionals who also specialize in various aspects of later-in-life moves. 


Not only that, as an SRES® designee, I bring a customized approach to marketing and selling your property. I will work closely with you to explore housing options that serve your current and future needs.


Through my work as a Realtor, and previously as a nurse, I’ve always been committed to helping people. Patience, experience and knowledge – that’s what you can expect from me as your SRES® Realtor.



Let me help with your later-in-life move. No matter what questions you may have, I will have the answers. If you, your friends or your family are looking for a Realtor® who understands the seniors housing market, please get in touch.


For help with this or any aspect of real estate in the Comox Valley, contact me through my website or my Facebook page.

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And why the Comox Valley might be your perfect fit


If you talk to people about what makes a place a good spot to retire, you’ll get a variety of answers. (And as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) and long-time Comox Valley Realtor, it’s actually something I’ve done quite a bit of.) But when it comes right down to it, there are a few things that most people agree upon – access to good healthcare and amenities, a strong sense of community and, of course, decent weather.


While everyone has a different idea of what their retirement will be like, most people are looking for a place that will meet their financial, physical and social needs. So, if you’re starting to think about making a move for retirement, here are some things to consider and some reasons why the Comox Valley is a wonderful place to be! 



The fact is, as we get older, our need for healthcare increases. So, it’s important to find a place that has the facilities and physicians to meet your needs. Before moving to a community, consider stats about doctor availability and physician-to-patient ratios and see what kind of facilities are located within the region.


Fortunately for us in the Valley, finding a physician isn’t usually a problem. And the opening of the Comox Valley campus of the North Island Hospital project means we have the latest and greatest in equipment. Coming in at more than $330 million and opening October 1, 2017, the new hospital ensures Valley residents will be well cared for today and into the future.


For more information on a range of local healthcare topics, check out my blog entitled: Keeping healthy: Comox Valley health services and resources for retirees.  



Good transit, walking and biking trails, public libraries and good recreation facilities are all at the top of the list with retirees. While the thought of settling into a rural community may sound good in theory, the practicalities of it all may start to sink in once a move has been made. Think long and hard about what you want to do with the extra time that you now have. If you’re hoping to get out and about, a community of less than 10,000 may not meet your needs.


Within the Comox Valley there are plenty of excellent ways to keep busy and getting there isn’t a problem with the help of BC Transit. Have a look at my blog about local recreation and leisure options. Clubs and hobby groups, recreation and volunteering are part of what make the retirement years enjoyable, and this region doesn’t disappoint!



Well, what can you do about the weather? Not much, other than move west.


Located on the inner coast of the Island means we enjoy the occasionally wet, yet comfortable, days for which places like Victoria and Vancouver are renowned. Generally speaking, we’re a couple degrees cooler in the winter and a couple degrees hotter in the summer than down-island. Here is a good link that describes what our yearly weather trends tend to be. 


Sense of Community

While, admittedly, a “sense of community” is open to interpretation, I think that some of the things that contribute to it include a vibrant and inclusive arts scene and an established downtown core or gathering area. Live in a big city and you can feel lost, live in a rural location and you can feel isolated. Talk to residents to find out about “the feel” of a place before you make any decisions.


Even though the Town of Comox, the Village of Cumberland and the City of Courtenay, as well as their various outlying communities, all have their own distinct feel, they come together to create a general warm sense of community. Known for its cultural and recreational opportunities, this region is a welcoming and inviting place to make a home. 



Interested in seeing what the area presents in terms of housing? Read my blog about local retirement housing options to see how the Comox Valley may suit you. In fact, I encourage you visit my website to look at local listings or to browse more of my blogs to find out more about all the Comox Valley offers and learn about the local real estate market.


And make sure to get in touch with any questions for me through my website or my Facebook page!


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